Jesus gazed out to sea and began to preach. "...Do you perceive nature in all its aspects? As it exits at every moment? This sea teaches us belief; I can only walk on the sea because it believes in me and I believe in it. But I am looking for the same true belief in your hearts, which stretches you beyond your customary boundaries. If you knew what it means to truly believe, then you would know how I function. Belief alone can move mountains, cross boundaries that previous limited us, and lead you into everlasting  light...."


"You must start to trust me, but first trust yourselves! You were all born with the power of God within you, it is latent in every one of you. This is a power that you will never lose, and that you retain in all lives forever. Then you do not need to believe in me, but in yourselves for all time and with all of your being. Saturate your belief with your love. Bless your hope with trust. Believe unendingly and forever, until you no longer know where belief starts and finishes. Trust my Father, for He believes in you every second. The Father in heaven, with His infinite love, thinks only of you - otherwise I would not be here on earth, otherwise I would not be on this mission."


From p.340~341,  Ch.26 The power of belief, “Jesus The Book”
節錄自『耶穌書』,第26章  相信的力量,第340~341頁
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